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This AMU student login guide aims to help you with all possible issues that may arise when trying to access your online AMU student account. We will first highlight the most common problems students encounter when trying to log in, alongside a set of proposed solutions. Then, we will talk about a few recommended practices, both in terms of online security and optimal device settings, which should allow you to get the very best online experience when using the AMU login pages and their online services.

About AMU, APU, and APUS

Despite its name and the “edu” in the internet domain name, the American Public University System (APUS) is a private higher education institution, headquartered in Charles Town, West Virginia. APUS has two major branches: AMU (the American Military University) and APU (the American Public University). APUS has no connection to any federal or state university and is privately held in its entirety, with stock being freely transacted on NASDAQ.

AMU Student login (American Military University)

The American Military University (AMU) offers a wide set of Bachelor’s and Master’s courses, mainly in the area of arts, humanities, and social sciences. The university is popular with former military staff looking to complete their higher education, due to the major financial benefits offered to veterans who choose to enroll. Depending on the branch and time of service, veterans who choose to study at AMU will be offered consistent tuition coverage and will be guided towards the specialization which best complements the specifics of their military career.

Their website is easy to navigate and quite straightforward when it comes to finding an education program to suit your particular needs. Upon enrollment, students are normally given an account, which they can access from the AMU student login page, here.  The current version of the website works very well and you shouldn’t normally experience any difficulties with the AMU student login page. If you do, then the following suggestions might help.

AMU Student Login – Common Problems and Easy Solutions

Here are some of the most common problems students encounter when using the AMU student login page:

  • I can’t log in. This usually happens because you’re not typing your login data correctly and you’re not aware of it. Check whether you are using Caps, Numbers and Symbols correctly. Pay attention to inverted keys. If you are 100% sure you are typing your login data correctly and you still can’t log in, contact the University at or start a live online chat with a student support assistant here. If you’re having trouble with these two solutions, feel free to call 877-755-2787 and speak with a support specialist directly.
  • I forgot my username and/or password. Though it would be preferable not to forget your login data, you shouldn’t panic if it does happen. It is, in fact, a very common occurrence. What you need to do in this case is follow recovery instructions as detailed here, if you forgot your password, and here if you forgot your username. In both cases, make sure you know your social security number, which will be requested in order to proceed with the data recovery.

amo student login password

  • I get an error message when trying to log in. If you definitely ruled out the above cases and still get an error message when trying to log in, then you should contact AMU student support staff, as detailed above.

AMU Student Login Guide – How to Optimize Your Device

There are other reasons why the AMU student login page and the website might not function properly, with the most common being as follows:

  • You’re using outdated software (the web browser in particular). If you want to make sure that all web pages display correctly and that you get the fastest response times, remember to check whether you’re using the latest version of your browser. Most reputable websites are being constantly updated so as to work with the latest browser versions, due to functionality and security reasons. Set your browser to carry out automatic updates to keep it simple.
  • You’ve disabled cookies. Cookies help websites display content correctly on your device and allow various plug-ins and features to function as they should. They do this by “telling” the website what system settings you’re using. If you disable cookies, you might severely limit website functionality, which could be the source of your login problems. Remember to always allow cookies from reputable websites. Use an add blocker if you don’t want to see too many ads on your pages.
  • You have a poor internet connection. Make sure you have a decent internet connection before you attempt to access the AMU student login page. Before attempting to make phone calls or to reset your password, check if the website is actually working. If you don’t have such a good connection, try to close any other apps that might be using bandwidth. It might not even be your fault, as the internet in your area could be down – contact your internet service provider in that case.

AMU Student Login Guide – how to keep your account secure

A very unpleasant thing that could happen would be to get your personal data and login information compromised. Regardless of how menacing hackers might be, in 99% of cases, this will happen due to negligence rather than a malicious external action. Keep the following rules in mind in order to avoid any inconveniences.

  • Don’t share your login data with anyone. Not one soul. This simply eliminates any chance, however remote, of someone deliberately messing with your online account. You’re always the safest person to trust (or should be).
  • Don’t use public devices. If you must use them, always sign out and don’t allow your browser to remember any login data.
  • Use antivirus software on your devices. This will greatly help by protecting your device from any spyware which could extract personal data, passwords etc.
  • Remember your login data by heart and don’t keep written records. Choose a password which is both hard to break and easy to remember (for you). If you have a notepad with all your passwords which everyone can read, it kind of defeats the purpose of having a hard-to-break password.


The AMU student login pages are very easy to use. The website is friendly and there are quite a few things you can do if you have any problems. If you stay organized in matters of online security, the chances of getting into trouble are very slim.

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