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This Comdata login guide is meant to help supply Comdata cardholder account users with all of the necessary information to complete the Comdata login process via the online portal. The cardholder.comdata platform is designed to help Comdata card owners manage their accounts online.

If you are a Comdata cardholder and you wish to begin managing your Comdata pay card account by using the online banking tools that the portal provides, you simply have to complete the Comdata cardholder login process and activate your www.comdata cardholder sign customer account.
Comdata logo You may receive a activation code from Comdata the first time you sign into your customer account in order to verify it. If this is the case, you will need to provide the code that you have received from the company during your first cardholder Comdata login. This authentication method may be used for security reasons when you set up your account in order to ensure that your login is secure.

If you have never used the Comdata cardholder login services available via the www.comdata.cardholder platform, you can follow the instructions provided in this guide in order to successfully complete the cardholder.comdata sign in and activate your account.

Comdata Login Guide Portal

This is what the second Comdata cardholder login portal mentioned in the Comdata login guide will look like.

Comdata Login Guide at

  • Please make sure that you have your Comdata activation code and a valid Comdata card number. You will also be required to provide the Comdata card holder Social Security Number associated with the ComdataCardholder information that you enter into the system.
  • Visit the www.comdatalogin portal or click here If you are a new user and wish to register and activate your account, however, use this alternative Comdata car login portal instead: This alternative login portal also provides a link that will redirect you to the Registration page for new Comdata login cardholder accounts.
  • Once you have reached one of the two available login portals, you can begin entering your user information into the corresponding information fields on the box. If you are using the Comdata cardholder login platform that the first link redirects to, begin by entering your User ID into the empty field on the page and press the black “Continue” button below the empty field. Wait to be redirected to the next login page and enter your Password into the empty field on the page, then press the black “Continue” button and wait to be redirected to your Comdata card balance and online payment account.
  • If you are using the www.cardholder.comdata login platform that the second link redirects you to, you will need to enter your Username into the first empty field on the page. Next, you will have to enter your Password into the next empty field and press the blue “Log In” button located beneath the two information fields on the page.
  • If you wish to register a new user account, please use the second provided link to reach the login page. Click on the blue Registration box located next to the empty information fields on the page or follow the blue “Click here to register” link below the “Log In” button.
  • If you have forgotten your Username or Password, both of the login portals that this Comdata login guide has provided links to have User Information Recovery pages. Regardless of the login portal that you decide to use, you will find two blue links at the bottom of each login page. Click on the “Forgot Password?” or the “Forgot User ID” link to be redirected to the recovery page for each of these login details.

For more information about the current Comdata products and the Comdata cardholder services offered on the online platform that this Comdata login guide covers, you can visit the official company website by using the link provided here:

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