Meet the Team

Ruth Boswell

Ruth-Boswell authorRuth is a proud New Yorker with a passion for writing and troubleshooting. Yes, you’ve read that right: Ruth simply loves finding solutions and that’s one of the main reasons we’re proud to have her on our team. After obtaining her B.A. in Business Administration, Ruth helped several companies streamline their operations before deciding that she wanted to pursue a different path. So she set the groundwork for her own company and reached out to influencers who could help turn her dream into reality. Ruth also has a passion for mystery novels, which she savors alongside a cup of hot coco and marshmallows.

Russel J. Smith

Russel-J.-Smith authorRussel has been a tech-enthusiasts since he can remember. Luckily, his parents recognized his talents and guided him towards the topics that best suited him. Russel obtained a B.A. in Information Technology from Penn State University and decided to enroll in a scholarship program that offered international study opportunities. Upon his return, Russel started working for a prestigious IT company. He moonlights as one of our best authors, incorporating his experience and knowledge into every piece that he writes. Be sure to find clever tips and tricks in all of Russel’s articles! Russel also enjoys jogging (which he does alongside his two beautiful German Shepherds, who run circles around Russel just to spite him).

Melissa Breen

Melissa-Breen authorMelissa is a stay-at-home mother who’s never been that tech-savvy. But when she noticed that such skills were paramount in an increasingly tech-focused world, she enrolled in an online information technology course and graduated with an Associate’s degree in IT. Her passion and ambition drove Melissa to LoginOZ, where she writes information-rich pieces that don’t confuse readers who aren’t as tech-savvy as they wished to be. Whenever she’s not writing for LoginOZ, Melissa enjoys spending time with her two daughters (her youngest has just discovered roller-skating, which has become the new family-sport) and painting.

Josh Hastings

Josh-Hastings authorJosh has always had a shy personality, despite of his many talents. After obtaining his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, Josh collaborated with multiple small businesses that wanted to establish an online presence and pursue alternative marketing and branding strategies. Josh still continues those collaborations to this day, while still making time in his busy schedule to contribute on LoginOZ. Josh enjoys cross-country cycling (in part because of the wondrous sense of solitude) and indoor climbing.

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