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My Secure health Data

In this article, we will offer information on the Secure Health Data login process. This article will show you how to sign in on your desktop browser, mobile browser, and mobile app (if any). Secure Health Data is a website that allows you to get in touch with different healthcare professionals in a secure manner. It offers you secure and safe access to your medical records as well. Our login guide also includes Secure Health contact information and troubleshooting tips.

Secure Health Data Login Instructions

To sign into your Secure Health Data login account is simple. This section of the article will show you how to do this on your desktop computer.

  1. Go to the Secure Health Data login site at
  2. Click the red button that says “go to portal.”
  3. Enter your username into the field that appears. It will be the email address you gave to your physician.
  4. Click the button that says “log in.”
  5. Input your password into the next field.
  6. Select the button that says “continue” to complete the sign in process.

Signing in on a mobile device is a nearly identical process to signing in on your desktop. Keep reading to learn more.

My Secure Health Data

Secure Health Data Mobile Login Instructions

Logging into your Secure Health Data account on a mobile browser is an easy task. Follow the steps below in order to learn how:

  1. Head over to the Secure Health Data login site linked above.
  2. Tap on the red button in the center of the page that reads “go to portal.”
  3. Key your username into the requested field.
  4. Tap on the “log in” button.
  5. Type your password into the next field.
  6. Choose the button labeled “continue” to access your account.

At the time of writing, there is no app for either Android or Apple devices. That said, using the mobile site is every bit as easy and convenient as using an app would be. For this reason, you are still able to access your information on the go without an app by following the steps above.

Secure Health Data Company Contact & Support

If you forget your username, you cannot get help on the sign in page like you usually might. Instead, in order to retrieve your username, you will need to contact your doctor. They will know what email you gave them to sign up for the site. After you have contacted your doctor, you can come back to the site and log in again.

For a lost or forgotten password, the process is much simpler. On the password screen, you can click “forgot password,” follow the instructions on screen, and retrieve the password that way. There is no way to contact the company directly, since you can use the website for different types of healthcare physicians.

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