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In the article found below, you will learn exactly how to access your Paperless Pay login page. Thus, this page will provide step-by-step guidelines for you to follow for logging in from your desktop computer. This article will also lay out clear guidelines for logging into your account from your mobile phone’s browser as well on an Android or Apple app if available.

Paperless Pay is a site that lets employees of different restaurants gain access to their pay stubs as well as payroll information. After logging in, you can review your unique pay stubs and other financial information.

Paperless Pay Login Instructions

Getting past your Paperless Employee Help at Home account login screen is an easy thing to do and will only take a minute or so. In order to log in using your desktop or laptop computer, just follow the steps that are found below:

  1. Open the official Paperless Pay website.
  2. Locate the box that says “Employer Code” in the center of the white box.
  3. Enter your unique employer code.equifax paperless pay login
  4. Click “Continue.”
  5. Find the username and password fields on the following screen.
  6. Enter your username into the correct field.
  7. Enter your password into the second field.
  8. Then sign in to your account.

Signing into your Paperlesspay account on the move is just as easy as using a laptop or desktop. Below, you will find guidelines on how to do this.

Mobile Login Instructions

Signing into your Paperless Pay employer code list page from your mobile phone is an identical process to logging in on your computer. Use the steps below to access your account on the go:

  1. Navigate to the official Paperless Pay login web page.
  2. Find the field that asks for the “Employer Code” in the middle of the white box.
  3. Type in your employer code.
  4. Press the blue text that says, “Continue.”
  5. Locate the username and password areas on the next screen.
  6. Enter your username into the appropriate field.
  7. Enter your password into the password area.
  8. Then log into your account.

As of now, Paperless Pay has not developed an official app for either the Apple iTunes store or the Android Google Play Store. Still, logging into your Paperless pay account using your mobile browser is just as simple as using an app.

Paperless Pay Company Contact and Support

While signing into Paperlesspay is an easy process, some issues may occur. For instance, if you are not sure what your employer code is, contact your employer. If you find that you are in need of other assistance during the Paperlesspay account login process, you are in luck.

There is a Paperless Pay Contact Page available for you to use. There is also a handy Support Page with other useful information. You may also choose to use the following contact information below to gain quick access to communication resources:

Paperless Pay Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-489 1711

Paperless Pay Email Contact Form: Scroll to the bottom of the Contact Page.

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