Easy Navinet Provider Login – Guide to Access the Provider Portal

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navinet provider login

Navinet serves as a critical healthcare information network that enables providers, payers, and other entities to exchange data and simplify workflows. Seamlessly logging into the Navinet provider login portal is therefore essential to fully utilize its capabilities.  As a provider, you can leverage the Navinet provider portal for key tasks like submitting claims, managing patient data, connecting with payers, accessing reports and more. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how healthcare providers can successfully log in to the Navinet provider portal.

Steps to Log In to the Navinet Provider Login

Go to the Navinet Provider Login Page

Navinet Provider Login

  • Open your preferred browser and search for “navinet provider login.”
  • Click the first link or go to https://identity.navinet.net/ to open the login page. 

    Enter Your Assigned Username

  • Your username is a unique ID provided by Navinet
  • Contact support if you need a new Navinet provider login username
  • Enter the correct username in the first field on the page 

    Input Your Password

  • Your password is a private passcode only known to you
  • Use the “Forgot Password” option if you don’t remember the password
  • Enter your password in the second field on the cabinet provider login page 

    Hit the Login Button

  • After entering your username and password, click the Login button
  • This will redirect you to the Navinet provider portal dashboard 

    Review Notifications

  • The inbox shows any unread notifications from Navinet/payers
  • Reports inform about claim status, new payer connections, etc.
  • Check reports regularly for any urgent navigate provider login updates. 

    Access Tools and Resources

  • The main menu contains all portal tools you can access
  • Key tools include Claims, Patients, Payers, Reports, Balance, Support etc.
  • Click each tool to utilize relevant capabilities. 

    Update Your Provider Profile

  • Your profile stores important details like entity info, contacts, etc.
  • Keep your cabinet provider login profile updated with current info
  • Access the profile by clicking on the username on the top right 

    Accept New Payer Connection Requests

  • New payers you contract with will send a connection request
  • Pending requests appear under the Payers section
  • Accept requests to start exchanging data with new payers 

    Log Out After Your Session

  • Click on the username menu and choose the Log Out option
  • Logging out ensures security and prevents misuse
  • Make it a habit to log out after using the cabinet provider login

How Navinet Provider Login Enhances Efficiency

Real-time Access to Patient Records

With Navinet, you have instant access to up-to-date patient information, which helps in making informed decisions.

Improved Coordination of Care

The portal eases the sharing of patient data among providers, leading to better coordinated and integrated care.

Faster Reimbursement Processes

By streamlining claims management, Navinet reduces delays and accelerates the time to reimbursement for services rendered.


The key steps outlined in this guide will help providers smoothly log into the Navinet portal to access its capabilities. Following the instructions to get to the login page, enter credentials, review notifications, update profile, accept payer requests, and log out will ensure a seamless provider login process. With its wide range of tools and resources, the Navinet provider portal is invaluable for healthcare providers when accessed by adhering to these easy log in steps.

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