Verizon Fios Login Step-by-Step Guide in 2023

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Verizon Fios Login

Verizon Fios is both a popular and well-trusted service which offers high-speed TV and wifi. Knowing how to login to the Verizon fios login page will give one the ability to manage their account, including billing payment, internet, and TV plans, customer support and more. Also, accessing the Verizon fios login page is done the exact same way with both a laptop and mobile device. However, one can also use Verizon’s cool Fios app, which is compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

Verizon Fios Login Instructions for Computer

1. Go to the Verizon login page.

verizon homepage sign in

2. Click the ‘sign in/register’ button at the top right corner.

verizon signin form

3. Enter the correct Verizon User ID number and password.

Verizon Fios Login Instructions for Mobile

The Verizon My Fios app makes things a bit easier in a number of ways. The app allows one to instantly access their Verizon account, view communication records, engage in My Rewards programs, control entertainment, and TV settings, get access to fast customer support and obtain information about wifi.

1. Open the Verizon Fios application on your mobile phone.

2. Type in your username and password.

3. Tap sign in.


The most common troubleshooting issue would be not having an account in the first place. If this is the case, simply create an account by hitting the ‘register‘ button.

Mistakes and accidents happen, and forgetting a password is one of them. To retrieve a forgotten password of User ID number, click the ‘forgot my Verizon User ID or password‘ button.

For reasons unknown, passwords can sometimes not work. In such a case, one should contact Verizon’s friendly customer support page, where one can contact Verizon.

There is plenty of more information on the customer support page as well, including common billing questions and more. Other kinds of help include residential helphome phone helpFios TV help, and Internet help.

Verizon Troubleshooting Contact Information

Verizon Troubleshooters offer tons of information on fixing phone, Fios TV, and Internet trouble. Here are just some of the subcategories of each problem type:


  • No Dial Tone.
  • Cannot Make Call.
  • Cannot Receive Call.

Fios TV

  • Quick Fix for Set Top Boxes.
  • Set Top Box or DVR Not Working.
  • No TV Picture or Channels.


  • Manage Wifi Settings.
  • Cannot Connect to Internet.
  • Update Verizon Router Password.

Aside from managing account settings, one will be able to join Verizon’s online community forum once they’ve successfully signed into the Verizon Fios login page, enabling them to get answers for any question they have. They’ll also get access to a countless number of troubleshooting tips and solutions. Overall, knowing how to sign into the Verizon Fios login page makes life much easier and headache free.

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