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PerYourHealth is a bill payment system. It is designed to allow you to pay your medical bills with ease. This article will show you how to log into your PerYourHealth account. In the article, you will learn how to complete the PerYourHealth login process on both a mobile device and a computer browser. Are there any PerYourHealth apps that you can use. We’ll be answering this question as well.

PerYourHealth Login Instructions

This part of the article will show you how you can log into your account using any desktop browser.

  1. Go to the PerYourHealth  login webpage.
  2. Locate the gray “Log On” box at the top of the page.peryourhealth account login
  3. Enter your account number in the white field. You can find it on your billing statement. You can also enter your user ID in this box if you have selected one.
  4. Click the blue “Continue” button.
  5. Verify that the account key that shows up on the next page is the one that you selected when you registered your account. If not, go back and try your information again. If the image is still incorrect, contact PerYourHealth for more information. If the image is the one you selected, proceed to Step 6.
  6. Enter your password in the field marked “Password.”
  7. Click the blue “Log On” button.

PerYourHealth Login Instructions For Mobile

This section of the article aims to show you how to  PerYourHealth Login using your mobile device.

  1. Access the PerYourHealth account login page using the same link we provided above.
  2. Find the “Log On” box.
  3. Type your account number found on your billing statement in the requested field. You also have the option of entering your user ID in case you have one.
  4. Tap the “Continue” button.
  5. On the next page, you’ll see an account key. If you don’t recognize it as being the one you had when you signed up, go back and try to log in again. If the key still doesn’t work, contact the company. If the key is correct, you can go on.
  6. Type your password in the designated field.
  7. Tap the “Log On” button.

This site does not yet have any apps available for Android or iPhone. Even so, it is simple for you to access your information while you are on the go. The mobile browser option for viewing the information on this site is every bit as simple to use as the mobile apps might be. If you are interested in using the mobile browser, check the step-by-step guide above.

PerYourHealth Company Contact & Support

If you have any issues with your PerYourHealth login information, such as forgetting your user ID, this situation is simple to handle. Just click the link that says “forgot your registered user ID?” You will be asked to enter your account number. This will lead to the recovery of your user ID.

If you want to talk to a PerYourHealth representative, they clearly state that the customer service number you can call can be found on your statement.

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