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In this article, you will be given information on how to sign into your WM Total Rewards account on a desktop computer, or using any mobile browser of your choice. If there are any apps to use to sign in on, we will tell you how to use them as well. WM Total Rewards is a rewards program for the Waste Management service. By using the WM Total Rewards login portal, customers can examine their rewards for the service, and manage their accounts.

WM Total Rewards Login Instructions

Signing into your WM Total Rewards account on your computer is a simple process. In order to do so, follow the steps found below:

  1. Load up the WM Total Rewards login site (www.mywmtotalrewards.com).
  2. Enter your user ID in the field labeled “user ID.”
  3. Type your password into the field labeled “password.”
  4. Click the big gray button that says “log on.”

If you want to sign into your WM Total Rewards account on your phone, the process is nearly identical. Read the next section of the article to see for yourself.

Waste Management

WM Total Rewards Mobile Login Instructions

If you sign into your WM Total Rewards account on your phone, you can check your information anywhere. Keep reading in order to learn how to do so.

  1. Go to the WM Total Rewards login site linked above on any mobile browser.
  2. Type your user ID in the first field marked “user ID.”
  3. Key your password into the box labeled “password.”
  4. Tap on the large gray button that is marked “log on.”

At the time of writing, there is, unfortunately, no app for WM Total Rewards login. This is true both on Android and on Apple devices. That said, using the mobile site is every bit as simple and efficient as using an app. You still get access to all of the features of the full site, but on your phone.

WM Total Rewards Company Contact & Support

If you run into any sort of issue while signing into your account, you can get help right on the main page. In the event you have forgotten your username or password, there is a link you can click, labeledForgot User ID or Password? From there, you will be walked through the steps needed to retrieve that information.

If you have any other questions about accessing the WM Total Rewards login portal, you can use the contact information presented below in order to get in touch with Waste Management.

Waste Management Phone Number: 800-964-3373
Waste Management Contact Page 
Waste Management Mailing Address: Waste Management Benefit Center, P.O. Box 1449, Lincolnshire IL 60069-1449

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