Kaplan University Login Step-by-Step Guide

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In this article, we will present a detailed guide to help users with the Kaplan University login process on the Kaplan University online platform. Plus, you will learn what you need to do in case you lose or forget your password. Last but not least, we will go over the out-of-school payment steps and account registration process.

Kaplan University Login Step-by-Step

The Kaplan University login process is simple and you can easily do it in no time:

  • Click here to reach the Kaplan University login page.
  • Enter your username and password in the empty fields.
  • Then, select ‘Student’ from the menu below ‘I am an’ or select ‘Faculty’ if you are a teacher.
  • Click on the orange ‘Login’ button to complete the Kaplan University KU campus login process.

Kaplan University Login page.

Kaplan University Login: Forgot Password

If you lose or forget your password, you can easily reset it in just a few steps.

  • Go to the Kaplan University online login page.
  • Click on the blue button ‘Forgot Password’ and you will be redirected to the password reset page.
  • Then, you have to enter your email address or username to receive a password reset link.
  • Check your inbox, click the on link, and follow the additional instructions to complete the process.

Kaplan University Login forgot password page.

Kaplan University Login: Make A Payment Out Of School

Every student that is out of school but wants to make a payment can do it in no time.

  • Click here to reach the Kaplan University Payment Center.
  • There are two online methods to pay tuition. Therefore, you can use either your Student Portal or Payment Center credentials to login to Kaplan University campus and make your payment.

Kaplan University Student Portal Login

  • Enter your username and password in the empty fields.
  • Click on the blue ‘Sign in’ button to complete the Kaplan University student login process.

Kaplan University Payment Center Login

  • Provide your email and password in the empty boxes.
  • Click on the blue ‘Sign in’ button to login.

Kaplan University Login make a payment.

Kaplan University Login Problems and Solutions

There a few common problems users usually experience with Kaplan University login, so we have prepared the solutions below:

  • User ID or Password Error. Check if you entered your credentials correctly and remember that passwords are case-sensitive. Therefore, make sure that the Caps Lock function is off.
  • Upgrade your browser to the latest version. By using the outdated version, you might run into some errors.
  • Clear your browser’s cache once in a while.
  • Enable Cookies. Without this feature, the Kaplan login might not function properly thus affecting user experience.
  • Check your Internet Connection.

Kaplan University Login: Contact & Support

Kaplan University has an excellent Contact & Support department, so if you run into any sort of issues you can easily reach the Kaplan representatives.

  • Call technical support at 866-552-7747.
  • Prospective and online students can call to 866-527-5268.
  • Campus students should call to 800-987-7734.
  • For Learning Center students, the number is 888-561-4343.
  • International students can call tech support at +954-512-5112.
  • Also, you can always write an email at infoku@kaplan.edu, academicadvising@kaplan.edu, and international@kaplan.edu (for international students).

Final Word On Kaplan University Login

To sum up, Kaplan is a distance learning university which provides students with online college courses, financial aid, online payment option, and a wide variety of other features.

Make sure you follow all the Kaplan University login steps to benefit from the best user experience.

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