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Everest University OnlineCCI Login

Everest University has its own student portal for those who wish to take online classes. The OnlineCCI portal which can be accessed at is available for all students of the Everest University. In this OnlineCCI login guide you will get all the necessary information for logging into your OnlineCCI account, available at

If you are interested in studying online from the comfort of your home, receive career advice and have access to online materials and resources necessary for your studies, all you have to do is head to the OnlineCCI student portal ( and log in with the credentials you received from the university when you were admitted.

Everest University OnlineCCI Login Guide

OnlineCCI Login Guide : Completing the Login

In order to be able to complete the Everest OnlineCCI login, you must be enrolled at the Everest University. The first portion of our OnlineCCI Login Guide will discuss the process of accessing your account. Upon being admitted to the courses of Everest University you will receive a user ID and a personal password. Keep those close at hand because you will need them for the Everest university online login process. Furthermore, make sure you have a working PC or laptop, equipped with a stable and secure Internet connection, be it Wi-Fi or cable.

Now it is time to open your preferred Internet browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or another). In the bar at the top of your browser or screen, you have to type the following URL: You can also use a search engine to find the OnlineCCI student login, by searching for terms such as: “onlinecci login”, “everest university onlinecci login” or “onlinecci student login”.

Just make sure you type the words or the URL correctly, and avoid making mistakes such as: “ login”, “cci onlinecci” and “”. Once you have reached the correct Everest University OnlineCCI login page, you must follow the next steps:

OnlineCCI Login Guide. All students enrolled at the Everest University can log in to the OnlineCCI portal.

A screenshot of the Everest university online login page.

1. Enter your User ID.

2. Type in your personal password.

3. Click on Go to Class.

Find bellow information about password recovery, the OnlineCCI platform and the university.

OnlineCCI Password Recovery at

If you forgot your OnlineCCI password, there is an easy way to reset it. All you need to do is head to the login website and take the following steps:

If you forgot your OnlineCCI password, you can easily recover it.

1. Click on the Forgot your Password/User ID? link, below the login fields.

2. Enter your User Name, which is the same as your User ID.

3. Click Continue.

4. Answer the security questions.

5. Follow the instructions and reset your password.

The “Forgot your Password/User ID” link on the Everest university online login page will also show you possible reasons why the password you entered is wrong. You might be asked to verify your login credentials. Always remember that the password is case sensitive so make sure when you type that you did not accidentally hit the Caps Lock button on your keyboard. Also, as previously mentioned in this OnlineCCI Login Guide be sure to check for any typos. 

In case you forgot your user name, you will have to contact the eCollege Helpdesk by calling at 1-888-579-0191 or online at, where a technician can give you further assistance with recovering your personal account.

You can contact Everest University by online means at the following link:, or by calling them at 1.888.391.8881

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